Welcome to your first glimpse of Shashvat Concept

Shashvat first step. Let us explore what shashvat kindergarten is like? How is it like other kindergarten and how is it different? What is consistent and what is developmentally appropriate for children at this age? Does it have a coherent philosophy? Here are the solutions for all the questions raised while stepping into shashvat premises.…

Nature teacher

Experience the nature that is an architectural wonder. The place inspires open minds, open hearts and a great love for our surroundings. We have daily gardening and integrated nature observation sessions are part of our curriculum.

Purposeful Learning Programme

Shashvat school educates for campus sustainability through community integrated, entrepreneurial learning all in a natural environment. Our holistic, student guided approach inspires and empowers us to be Shashvat leaders.

Passionate Community of Learners

We can only change the world together as communities. As students, teachers, parents, team and our local village neighbours, we learn, work and play together to inspire and encourage each other to live purposeful lives.