Our mission is dedicated to fulfill every child’s educational and developmental needs in a safe and caring environment, conducive to learning and teaching.We aim to create, responsible, global citizen who show understanding, compassion and acceptance of difference in the world.We strive to ensure that every child in our care is empowered to make choice and encouraged to contribute to our community.

We are a happy school, Because we believe happy children learn better. We are, as our valuable parents describe us,”the school that children run to in the mornings.” The warmth of our school is apparent the moment you walk through the doors. Our classrooms are seldom quiet, because they are filled with activity all through the day. Our teachers teach with enthusiasm and learning is a joyful experience for our children. Our children learn together, because we have learnt through experience that a collaborative environment is the most fertile one for learning. We are a happy international learning community, flourishing in an extraordinary facility which is unique to Amravati.

We have striven to build outstanding facilities and resource because we value our children and believe that they deserve only the best. This ideology permeates our campus and is reflected in our teachers and staff members, who, with unflinching faith and dedication partake and revel in nurturing the children.Together we strive to create happy citizens ready to lead and make a difference. A community of learners making our world sustainable.

Shashvat School Way

We educate for sustainability, through community-integrated, entrepreneurial learning in a natural environment. Our holistic, student-guided approach inspires and empowers us to be green leaders.


  Think Shashvat !

As the word ‘shashvat’ suggests our wish is to build an eternal and long lasting temperament which is scientific and based out of the ’12 I Respect Values’.We hope for a perpetual drive to think for the betterment of the community and to raise spiritually for each individual associated with us.

We believe in three simple rules underlying every decision: be local, let your environment be your guide and envisage how your society will be affected by your actions.

The ’12 I Respect Values’ that guide us are:

Sincerity    Peace   Equality   Generosity   Goodness Courage   Progress  Receptivity   Aspiration Perseverance   Gratitude   Humility


Our History

Creativity often springs from the confluence of disparate ideas and events, and such was the case with Shashvat School.

Shashvat School was conceived by its founders Atul and Amrita Gaigole in 2006, following their exit from their business. Gaigole wanted their daughter to attend a ‘real’ school. Atul wanted the girl to attend a school that he believed in, a school that he would want to attend, and he was so inspired by the dream that he built Shashvat Concept School, in his home town, Amravati.

The School’s spanning 8 Acres is a beautiful structure right in the middle of farms, it stands strongly as a symbol of the transition of an idea into reality.

From the Founders Desk

We are building Shashvat School to create a new paradigm for learning. We want children to cultivate physical sensibilities that will enable them to adapt and be capable in the world. We want children to develop spiritual awareness and emotional intuition, and to encourage them to be in awe of life’s possibilities.

Governance at Shashvat School

Shashvat operates Amravati under Jaihind Education Foundation, a non-profit foundation registered in India. Its three level governance structure is based on the Indian legal requirements.


The Trustees are the highest decision making authority, and are guardians of the mission and values of the School. Their role is strategic in nature, not operational. They approve the members of the Board of Management he hiring of key personnel, the School’s Strategic Plan, the annual plan and the budget.

The Shashvat School, Trustees are :

President – Ashok Gaigole

Secretary – Atul Gaigole

Treasurer – Amrita Gaigole

Engage With Us

We welcome change makers, risk takers and visionaries who love childhood and would only want to enrich lives with their sound research and a passion to reach out to the child.

  Think Shashvat !’  is inspired by the life of Mr.M.K. Gandhi. We look forward to collaborate with minds that want to revisit and bring life to his philosophies in a wall less school environment.

If you feel that our values and inspirations match then plan a visit.