A Community Of Learners

The value of the Shashvat School population resides in the integration of our families, our faculty and staff and our local neighbour’s. The diversity within our community is a pouring fountain of multicultural benefits; from the variety of languages, beliefs and traditions to the wide range of values, principles and identities.

We are gifted with constant exposure to new ways of going about life that nourishes our tolerance, broadens our perspectives and feeds our global intelligence.

Our School is a place for exploration, learning, contribution and joy. The community is connected locally and globally. From a small community in Amravati,Shashvat School engages deeply, locally and connects powerfully globally, to play a part in Making Our World Sustainable.

Meet Our Community

Our community seeks to nurture collaborative and cooperative https://www.pass4lead.com/200-125.html relationship with our local neighbours through knowledge exchange and environmental education. We believe in collaboration and create avenues for supporters of Shashvat Concept School to share new paradigms in education, the environment and global https://www.pass4lead.com/200-310.html citizenship.

The Backyard Farm

School students age 7 to 15 years old. Students connect with nature, engage with local villagers, and grow and harvest their own food.







Volunteers & Interns

An avenue for supporters of Shashvat School to exchange of knowledge about new paradigms in education, the environment, global citizenship, and more.





Parent Association

A space for Shashvat parents to have their ideas and feedback explored and their contributions maximized.






Shashvat Connect

Children are given opportunities to connect with their peers from across the globe to brainstorm and come up with action plans for social, environmental and scientific problems. Recently we joined hands with Maria’s brave hearts, nature camp at Gailpur to develop a conversationalist view, identify the problem and come up with an action plan to solve the problem.