A School Beyond the Boundaries of Campus

Our campus is far away from the city this provides constant opportunities to experience the impact that we have on our environment. To built an appreciation of sustainability, our students start small by thinking locally, they acquaint themselves with the environment and rebuild their symbiotic relationship with it.

Day – by – day, our community is developing a strong bond with nature. By making it part of who we are, we feel inclined to nourish it, compelled to respect it and empowered to care for it now and forever.

Atul and Amrita Gaigole have taken their vision of holistic education and applied it to the architecture of Shashvat school. Our solarpassive building is much more than just an architectural wonder in the rugged plateau. They are giving back to the land by expanding, yet preserving, the innate beauty, plentiful culture and creating a feel of jungle.

On a Journey to living sustainably

Living a sustainable lifestyle is a process of learning by doing and remembering what we once knew and have forgotten over many generations. Many things need to change to lead a life that is more integrated with the natural systems that surround us. The most important change that can lead to living an authentically sustainable life is a change in our mindset and habit patterns. At Shashvat we study, work, live, and play with an awareness of the impact of our thinking and decisions.

As we live our lives and participate in planning and supporting the infrastructure of our campus and local community, we strive to be mindful systems thinkers. This philosophy and approach to living our journey is the guiding Compass that keeps us heading towards our destination of true sustainability.

Compost station

Charkha (spinning yarn)


Baking English Lab



Core Computer

Skill Practice


Play Of Painting

Ramgaon Amravati

Our location on a site in an undeveloped and natural area of Ramgaon. That makes it an ideal place for students to connect with nature. The site is farmed and landscaped to make it productive while being safe and secure.