The Experience of a Lifetime

From all corners of the globe, we welcome families to explore the Shashvat School experience. Our stunning campus, inspiring learning programs and vibrant community provide the experience of a lifetime for the whole family. Shashvat School offers families the opportunity to immerse themselves in a new way of learning and a new way of living.

We are a vibrant and welcoming community, with a proud tradition of parent involvement.

Being Part Of Shashvat School

Shashvat School experience can be life-changing. Opportunities to explore new ways of living, experience new ways of learning and establish global friendships are ready and waiting. The campus, the educational programs and the community are at the core of what makes the Shashvat School experience special.

School strikes a balance between maximizing the beautiful and inspiring, natural environment, while keeping the students and community safe and secure.

For Shashvat students and parents, Shashvat School is a place of exploration, learning, contribution and joy.

Being Shashvat School Parent

In a concept school experience we want the active support of the parents. We team up with parents who have questioned values and systems that exist and have felt a need for something better. The guardians who value the freedom to explore themselves and the world around them afresh and wish the same for their children.
Being a concept school parent you will witness the unfolding of your child as an able, aware and active individuals who have deep ties with the essence of their roots.

Daily Student Life

As students make their way onto campus each morning, they rush to greet friends while walking to their classroom. From there, the day unfolds with classes to hone proficiency in all core subjects including Maths, Science, Social Studies and the languages. Students will also be out and about on campus and possibly beyond. Learning can happen anywhere and at anytime. Opportunities to engage 300-320 vce locally, solve real problems in the real world and connect to nature are a feature of daily course of the day.
We have a couple of processes that check the holistic development of the child all in an inter- disciplinary way, from spinning a yarn to enjoying games with teachers to enhance multiple intelligence and taking it beyond kids have Awareness Through Body activities to develop a conscious. During the course of the day,
Students may find themselves in the garden or the school kitchen, feeding animals or practicing yoga, writing poetry by the water body.Each day ends differently with students saying goodbye to friends and staff, having added another full page to their educational story.