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mastery learning in amravati

Mastery Learning

The skill programs offered as the mastery learning is based on the philosophy that all children can become achievers if taught at a level of their own proficiency and encouraged to progress at a rate of their ability to master clearly defined units of learning. Mastery learning proposes that all children can learn when provided with with the appropriate learning conditions in the classroom.

English & Maths is designed in levels. From grade 4 to grade 8 syllabus is divided in Ten levels. Students are expected to clear all the levels till the end of grade 8.

Every Student learns at her/his own pace. If necessary time is provided, then all students gain mastery over the subject.

A Student cannot enter the next level unless he/she gains mastery over the desired skills and the sooner he/she gains them the earlier he/she moves to the next level.

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