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Our Guidelines

Regarding books :

A book that is loved by one child may be less interesting to another. The facilitators suggest books and additional resource material individually and in consultation with the child/parents. At the beginning of the year, a lump-sum is paid for books and stationary. Normally, refernce books are used only from the age of six onward. Children use the library for their reading material.

Regarding cloths... :

Cloths express something of the personality : no uniformality, no school uniform. It is important that cloths should not obstruct the movements of the children, specialy for every day sports.

  • Simple and practical clothes are the best.
  • We are very particular about shoes.
  • We would like them to wear sports/canvas shoes...
  • We prefer shoes with out shoe laces so that they can freely participate in athletics.

Regarding punctuality :

It is very important for our children to come to school on time which is crucial to our learning process.
We would specially request parents joining us to keep the time factor in mind.

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